Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rowan Smiles, Pippa Tapdances and 'RuvRuvRuvs' you...

Rowan has been smiling for a while now, and I finally caught some on video-- not the best smiles she's produced, but it should give you an idea...

Pippa has really gotten into watching tapdance videos and dancing right along-- here she is in two vids dancing along with Riverdance clips on youtube:

And Pippa finally says "I love you!" (sort of...) (although not as 'sort of' as Pippa's friend Molly saying I love you.)

The two cutest daughters ever.

It's amazing to me that Rowan is already doing the eyebrow thing!
excellent - thanks for the updates! the tapping is a real talent - while not donuts, the special I love you is great! Rowan is so pretty too - I can't wait to spend some time with her. rks
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