Monday, October 22, 2007

Things Are Looking Up

We had a down and up day today. This am the speech/ot person evaluated her suck/swallow reflex and said we could start bottle feeding w/ doctors' go-aheads. She thought it would be a multi-day process of slowly decreasing the amount of tube feeding and increasing the amount of bottle feeding. We were bummed because this meant we were looking at a release day of Wednesday at the earliest, but more likely Thurs or Fri. A couple of hours later, our nurse said the docs had given the go-ahead for all feedings to be bottle vs tube based on the fact that she sucked down 30 mL in 10 minutes and was clearly ready for the bottle -- this is great news because it means if things go really well tonight they might send us home tomorrow, otherwise it'll probably be the day after. Rowan's surgeon also visited her and was pleased with how the swelling is going down and with how well she's doing in general. It's so great to have her only attached to one machine now (measures oxygen saturation in her blood) -- we actually put her in real pj's! She's currently sound asleep in the bassinet after falling asleep in James' arms. I'm also excited because even if we don't get released tomorrow I'm going to have my mom pick me up from the hospital and take me home to see Pippa (I can't drive yet, and one person has to be in the room w/ Rowan, so James can't take me). I can't wait to see her again!!

Thanks for being so diligent with these updates, at such a stressful time. That little girl already has a lot of people who love her (without having "inspected the goods" up close!) Even my mother keeps calling for news about Rowan. (Gee, thanks, Ro . . .)
So glad to hear the surgery and recovery is progressing. I hope the discharge comes quickly. But I'm just so glad that modern medicine made all this possible! Yay for Rowan!
Great news indeed. Thanks for the update - Go Rowan Go!
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