Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rowan photos!

So here are a few photos of Rowan and Emily-- she's still in the NICU and is hooked up to some wires for monitoring her vitals, and still has one tube in her mouth for helping to drain some fluid. Her breathing tube was removed mid-afternoon, and she's been doing great. Hopefully tomorrow the last tube will be removed and she can start to feed.

yes, she has lots of brown hair-- Pippa did too when she was born, and look at her now.

Baby Peggy looks great! So does Mama - beautiful - way to go. Actually, the best Jello I have ever had was at Duke Hospital - coincidence or no?!? xo r,d,h,c
Mama and baby look beautiful. Congratulations!
Congratulations! She looks precious and I can't wait to meet her. We are so glad everything has gone smoothly. Nathan and Christi
Beautiful! She looks like she's a month old already. Emily, you look awesome.
Congrats and best wishes! Can't wait to meet her!
Emily and James...
Congratulations! So glad all went OK. Keep us posted.

Much Love to you all,
Pam and Butch
I can't believe you had a baby yesterday--you look great! Rowan looks beautiful, thanks for posting the pictures. I'm so glad things are going well. Love, Moe
B-E-A-You two-ful! I'm sure James looks pretty too :)
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