Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where Pippa Gets Her Blond Hair

Photos from back in the day...

Early 1989 - right after we met

Emily's Birthday, 1989
(gotta luv the mullet with shaved sidewalls)

Smiling Goths go to Prom, 1990
(yes, tux with tails, white gloves, cane and sandals)

circa 1990

Fall, 1994

Fall, 1994

August 1995

Let the public ridicule commence....

at least you don't have to fight over the shampoo and hairdryer any more. :-)
holy sh** - i don't think i have ever seen so much hair in my life - my how things have changed! lookin" good!! see, abig pregnant belly looks a little less shocking when it is up against James the mullet wearing penguin - thanks for the laughs! :-) rks
Now *that*'s the Ems and James I know!!! :-) Looooooveee it!
Uh, where to begin?! You two are so rad! Your kids will enjoy endless hours of laughing about how dorky their parents were, I'm sure. Thanks so much for having the courage to share these.
These are AWESOME! (or should I say totally awesome!) They are so much fun- thanks for sharing! You've almost givem me enough courage to post my big-hair days-almost!
I'm sure you'll be busy having Rowan and will never see this comment, but thanks so much for this entry! I'm loving all the hairstyles. I may be brave enough to share some pictures of Redmond and me back in the day.

I'm inspired to go listen to the "Hair" soundtrack now...

Let us know how things are going with Rowan! We're all waiting to hear about it...
James, you totally missed your chance to play (1) the Elfin dude in Lord of the Rings -- I am not nerdy enough to remember his name right now except Orlando Bloom -- AND (2) the creepy door opening dude in Rocky Horror Picture Show -- so tragic. Bring Back the Hair!
Julian Sands is another...
Check out the images at the bottom.
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