Wednesday, September 19, 2007

False Alarm Take 1; False Alarm Take 2

So, Monday morning I started having contractions about 15 minutes apart. They continued for several hours, and after talking with the nurses at my obgyn practice, they sent me into the hospital for monitoring. We stayed there for a couple of hours and they determined that Rowan was doing fine, and I wasn't in labor, so sent they sent us all home. We were extremely relieved because it was one of two days Rowan's surgeon was out of town and unavailable.

Tuesday the contractions continued, 15 minutes apart still, and after talking to the nurses again they had me come in again to be monitored. After an hour they determined that, again, Rowan was fine and I wasn't in labor and sent us home. They also confirmed that even if we don't make it to the planned C-section (the date's not set yet, but will be soon) they can get Rowan's surgeon to the hospital in time to take care of the cyst.

Today, James stayed home for part of the day to let me keep my feet up, and the contractions have slowed down to one an hour... unless I get up. It's gonna be a long week, but we'll keep everyone updated. Hopefully this just goes away and we make it to the 38th week!


Yikes! Let's hope Rowan takes it nice and slow here and makes it to your scheduled C-section day!
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