Friday, August 10, 2007


An update on the list of words she regularly uses. I've been meaning to do this post for more than a week, but kept adding words to the list, so I just decided to do it and update again later. Remember that most of these words are usually just the first syllable, and most people other than us couldn't understand them, but she really does use them in context at the right moment, etc. These are in no real order.

Hi, dog, Mama, Papa/Dada, up, please, light, what's that, nose, cheese, more, shoes, "Go, go, go!" (this is a cheer for the Tour de France and now whenever she sees a bicycle she says it), teddy, boom, banana, bye bye, all done, night-night, Oscar, Cabar, milk, cheese, ball, down (as in get down), down (as in to the dogs for them to go down), duck, book, truck (her favorite word right now), no, eye, bird, pop (usually used for bubbles), pat-pat (what you do to dogs), car, shake, Kix (a cereal), Cheerios, cracker, Pippa, cat, pineapple, Annalise (a friend of hers), key, Auntie.

46 words. Crazy. She also makes animal sounds -- elephant, fish, snake, dog. I couldn't even begin to make a list of the words she now understands -- she can follow tons of directions (whether she chooses to is another story) and clearly understands at least 1/2-2/3 of what James and I say to her... if not more.


Wow, what's with all the updates of late? I'd just about removed your rss feed since the cobwebs were clogging up my tubes. Anyway, cute!
She's brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you for the increased posting frequency!
Oh, and I'm pretty sure "Auntie" is stretching it, but I appreciate it :) Ha ha Unca!
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