Monday, August 27, 2007

Phone Cam Vacation Pix and Walking Flix

Here are some pictures of Little Miss Eli from our recent vacation.

Very Serious.

Gotta do something to keep that hair out of the eyes...

To celebrate finally getting over our various sicknesses, we went out to dinner the other night some friends who were visiting. Afterwards, we walked around a bit. Pippa really is getting the hang of walking, and seemed to like walking on the grass. She also really liked to walk to the planters and sniff the flowers.

Here is a link to some grainy videos from the cell phone camera showing just how good she's getting at walking:


Look at Pippa go! Whee! Wow- she's really walking up a storm now! I hope all of you have recovered from your ickiness....
That's my girl! We're all set for the 10k in October, right, Bellissima?
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