Friday, August 10, 2007


So Pippa gave up on walking for several weeks and concentrated on other things (see the word post to get an idea), but tonight seems to be back on the walking train. For the past couple of days she's been really into climbing. Everything. Into chairs, onto the fireplace screen, up the outside of of the stairs, etc. It's made life quite exciting.

Here she is at Gymboree climbing up a ramp. She is a total monkey.

This is an odd perspective, but she actually climbed to the top of this slide and then slid down backwards -- her favorite game to play on slides now.

The girl loves bubbles and every time she sees the bubble maker come out she says "Pop, pop!" and smacks the ground really hard.


I think she was the only kid that didn't cry on this -- it's a huge teeter totter.

This is the first chair she learned to climb into. I wasn't quick enough w/ the camera to get her climbing into it (she's a fast little bugger). Apparently it's her reading chair -- she likes to push the blanket and pillow into a nest, grab a book and read to herself. Notice the book is upside down.

Oh yeah, she's got a rough life.


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