Monday, June 18, 2007

Words, Signs, Directions

These are Pippa's words right now:
Mamama, Dada, Papa (this makes rare appearances), Hi, Bye-bye, Bippa, Muh, Bah, Dah, Nana, Buh, Mmmuh, Nigh-nigh, Nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh, Puh (rarely appears).

What? You can't understand them? Here are the translations in order:
Mama (I don't know why this rates 3 syllables), Dada, Papa, Hi, Bye, Pippa, More, Bird, Dog, Banana, Book, Milk, Night-night (always accompanied w/ a very cute wave), No, Up.

She also makes a kissing noise when you ask for a kiss. Her signs are waving hi and bye, signing for 'more' (points to hand), 'milk' (sticks finger in mouth like straw), and 'food' (taps finger in mouth). These last three are pretty interchangeable for her which makes it harder to figure out what she wants.

She can follow lots of easy directions, including when we tell her to wave, clap her hands, say something (like hi or bye), dance, put her elephant and binky in her crib, lift her arms up, give kisses, pat-pat (this is supposed to be gently petting the dogs but can turn into some serious banging -- luckily the dogs don't care), and to put an object she's holding into something else (like put the block in the bucket).


don't forget 'cah' for 'cat'. She used it just last night for a sculpture of a cat (after I said what it was) she also used 'doh' for the dog sculpture, and seemed to keep it straight which was which....
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