Thursday, May 10, 2007

A whole bunch of photos.....

So it's been a really long time since we posted any photos, so here are more than anyone would ever want to see.... If you still want to see more than these, there's a whole album here-- along with the photos in the album, there are also a few movies of Pippa crawling to and devouring the camera-- gives some perspective on what it must feel like to be attacked by an extremely cute, slow moving and mostly toothless bear.

Pippa's favorite new toy is a stuffed rat-- it kind of looks dead and bloated, an effect not diminished by her tendency to carry it around when she crawls by biting the tail and dangling it from her mouth....

Pippa has learned how to pull up on things, including her pigpen-- a feat of which she is understandably proud.

look at that belly...

reading with grandma

For Emily's birthday we went to Charleston-- It really is a great little city to walk around.

We went on a carriage ride around town-- this is the horse that pulled the carriage, Cooper. Whenever Pippa saw the horses she'd call out "DOg DOg"-- yes Pippa, that is a very big dog.

There was a great wading fountain that Pippa thought was the best thing ever.

That's the fountain in the background.

After leaving Charleston, we stopped at Cypress Gardens, SC for a bit-- one thing you get to do is paddle a bateaux around the blackwater cypress swamp.

Here is Emily, the top of Pippa's head, and me in the background paddling.

There were alligators in the swamp (that's a gator swimming directly above the lily).


And that's a gator head to the left of the cypress knee.


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