Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rowan Update; More Words

We had our follow-up sonogram yesterday, and the news was pretty good. The cyst is still there, but it hasn't grown in proportion to her head, and the amniotic fluid level is fine. They caught pictures of her swallowing so it isn't impeding that function yet, there is still no vascular activity, and it's "floppy" (apparently, this is a good thing). The rest of her is looking normal. So the current plan is to monitor her every two weeks for the rest of the pregnancy -- the first appointment of each month will be a quickie sonogram to do a visual check on the size of the growth and measure amniotic fluid levels, with a follow-up appointment with one of my doctors to check on the pregnancy in general; the second appointment of each month would be a more in-depth sonogram to measure the growth of the cyst, swallowing, fluid levels, etc. I'm glad they're monitoring it so closely even though it's more of a pain to get in for that many appointments.

Pippa seems to be adding other words to her vocabulary. Today "bird" ("buh") made an appearance, and yesterday she started saying "up" which she says backwards "pu". We'll see if they stick around.

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