Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pippa's Birthday

Yup, it's true, she turned one on May 25. Crazy. Some of the pics (the bigger ones) don't get any bigger when clicking on them (they're from my 'rent's ofoto account) (so click on the smaller ones if you want to see full size versions). You can see more of them here.

Just a cute picture of her.

For her birthday day we went out to Tyler's Pub. Here's Pippa with her birthday beer (just kidding, of course).

Her first bubbles ever.

Her birthday party was a HUGE bash on Saturday with about 35 people (at least 12 of those were kids 5 and under) and we had a blast. Thank goodness my parents were here to help get ready and clean up!

A small cross-section of the chaos that was the party. Notice the only one playing with the bubbles is definitely over 5.

We had about 50 balloons that Dad and James just about killed themselves blowing up. Contrary to the look on her face, she really really liked the balloons. After the party James popped them all. Except that I'm still finding them underneath the furniture.

We got this sprinkler beach ball for the party -- it was a hit with everyone including the Pipster.

Pippa's birthday cake; which she didn't get any of because I didn't want her to have that high sugar, technicolor frosting. Never fear, she did get to sample some birthday cupcake.

The dessert spread.

Pippa is very excited. So excited that we decided to open presents the next day.

This took a while. Her current method for present opening is to tear off one tiny piece at a time, then try to fit it back on the present or put it in her mouth for some sucking. Papa had to help out a bit.

This is a tent Pippa got -- great for the beach in August, and for the screen porch now. Oscar also really likes the tent -- unfortunately we didn't get any good pics with him trying to get into it with her.

She loved this toy. She still loves this toy. So much we've had to remove it while we make some minor repairs from the loving.

Really really loves it.


So cute! And I'm so bad! I forgot both of the May birthdays--thank God Rowan will be an October baby...I never forget those birthdays :) Maybe I'll send the Pipster something from Nashville...
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