Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Name Game

Now that we know Finale is a girl, and with all that's been happening, we felt like doing something proactive. We'd been tossing around names for a while, and we just kept coming back to Rowan (which had been on our 'name list' when we were picking Pippa's names). We both really liked it, then started looking into the meaning and some of the lore surrounding the Rowan Tree and it just seemed to fit. Here are just a few of the things that seemed to make it work:
So anyway with all that and, of course, the fact that we like it, we've decided one of her names will be Rowan-- Still not sure if it will be her first or middle name, and definitely not sure what other name we might pair with it, but that's what we're calling her now.

Here is a 3d ultrasound image of Rowan from last Monday's scan:

With her hand at her chin, she looks thoughtful, no?


That's a great name, I love it! Hopefully Pippa will have developed a bit more vocab by the time Rowan arrives, so her new little sister won't also be "dog." Oh, and I took the tree quiz. I'm an Oak, apparently: "prone to being overly serious, intense, or even pompous." Surely not! -Jeremy
A wonderful choice -
I'm an IVY--not even a tree!! You scored as The Ivy. I put the description below--I was 90% Ivy, so not doubts I guess. We'll see.

The name Rowan is beautiful, and makes me think of Ireland :) That would probably work with either of my names... :) Hang in there!

In Celtic astrology, you're Ivy (not everything on the zodiac is a tree). The animal symbol that accompanies this plant is the butterfly. The ancient Druids say Ivy people are good-natured, empathetic, optimistic, and social and may have magnetic personalities. However, Ivies may be prone to indecision, disappointment, restlessness or a fear of offending others.
As another rowan, I will be happy to guide the little squirt in learning restlessness, perfect her quarreling, expressing her impatience and refining her aloofness. tee hee! then i'll send her back to north carolina!
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