Monday, May 14, 2007

It's a Girl!

So we had our 18 week detailed anatomy scan and Finale is a girl! Great news when it comes to reusing clothes, toys, etc...

The examination did turn up something somewhat concerning: there is a fluid-filled cyst inside Finale's mouth under the tongue, large enough to push her tongue to the roof of her mouth. What this means or indicates though, the doctors really don't know at this point. This type of growth seems to be very rare (no one in the practice has had any experience with it), and there is no good way right now to know what the longterm prognosis will be. If the cyst continues to grow it could interfere with the baby's ability to swallow the amniotic fluid, and thus regulate her fluids, which might require prenatal procedures such as drawing off some amniotic fluid, or possibly an operation in utero (though this is doubtful). If it interferes with swallowing, it could also possibly interfere with breathing, and might require immediate surgery when she's born, with possible follow-up surgeries. There is also a chance that it will stay the same size and just need a relatively minor procedure post birth. Obviously we're hoping for the latter option. We'll be meeting with the pediatric surgical team soon to discuss the birth and subsequent scenarios. This does mean Emily will almost definitely be having a planned C-section because if the mass interferes with breathing they want Finale out quickly so they can immediately perform surgery.

In any event, our doctors' practice has a case review this Friday and they'll be focusing on Finale's case and will pool information, expertise, and opinions. We will be having a follow-up ultrasound in two weeks and again in a month to see how this progresses, and hopefully we'll know a lot more then.

To end on a truly positive note, Finale's tracking right on target for size and development; hands feet, heart, brain, spine, etc are all just fine. Even more important, the lip, nose and palate are all well formed, and the rest of the mouth area seems to be developing fine, too. We'll post pictures from the sonogram soon.


We're thinking about you lots. I know this is tough and we have no wisdom to offer, except "breathe."

We *are* glad to hear that there will be two girls, since everyone knows that the greatest people are raised as two sisters. Obviously.

Much love to you all, R & J
I will keep you all and the wee baby girl in my thoughts over the next few weeks and months...

Please keep us all posted...
Jim and I will keep little Finale in our thoughts as well. Not knowing is the tough part...
Oh boy, I mean GIRL! So many little girls I can't believe it! I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Please keep us updated...
Much love to all of you and to Finalita too. I am sure she will be a healthy and happy little sister for the Pippinator. Hugs and kisses
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