Thursday, April 19, 2007


I know, we've been totally slack on new pics. Unfortunately we're all stricken w/ colds right now so you probably won't see any soon. To make up for that fact, I'll throw you a bone and share that Pippa is starting to say a few words. "Dak!" means "dog" -- that was her first word which was no shock considering she LOVES the dogs much more than Mama and Papa. If she's crying, which I grant you is a rare occurrence, it can almost always be fixed by visiting with our dogs. The ungrateful little baby also says "Dada" to James. I think "Mama" will probably come after the other much more important things in her life like "Cheerios", "bottle", and "elephant" (she has a stuffed elephant that she sleeps with). It's very cool that she's starting to communicate with us like that.


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