Monday, March 05, 2007


Good news -- we're expecting our second child in mid-October. We are super excited. They won't be Irish twins, but they will be close -- 17 months apart. We've nicknamed this baby "Finale" because it will be the last. Whoever says "3 is the new 2" is out of their minds. I had a sonogram last week and saw the heartbeat going strong -- Finale was 3.5 mm across. I've been sick w/ this crazy 24-hour "morning" sickness which is the total pits (spaghetti and red sauce for dinner every night again), but the doctors say that's a really good sign for the viability of the baby. We're trying to figure out which room we'll empty for this one... a daunting task. No pics yet -- next sonogram is at 11 weeks.


Were I a consumer of dairy products, it's likely I would have spit milk from my nose on reading this gem. Coming from an Irish Catholic family, I hadn't heard the term 'Irish twins'. Too funny. And you know, I thought 2 was the new 3. I guess I'm out of the know.
I'm just laughing because I think I uttered the words "3 is the new 2" at Game Night last Saturday! I guess I'm the crazy one, eh? ;-) Note that we still only have 1, ok?

You'll have to change the name of your blog again. Congratulations on the happy news!
Great news! That is awesome! I'm so happy for all of you! I vote October 13th...a great day to be born. And for Jim (posted above)...I am from a big Irish Catholic family, and I hadn't heard the term "Irish twins" until I was 25. Maybe the world as a whole is afraid of offending us? You know how crazy mad Irish folk can be!
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