Sunday, October 08, 2006

All Grown Up

Pippa recently discovered that toes make a good pacifier. Sadly, she's decided they're such a good toy that to really get her money's worth she needs to wake up in the middle of the night to play with them. Luckily, she doesn't mind if we don't join in.

We've started teaching her how to drink out of a "big girl" cup -- since the cup delivers liquid to her mouth she LOVES it, and is getting really skilled. That girl loves her food...

I love this Rocking Moose -- Pippa loves to take rides on it, too. She sits up and holds on, and we rock it. We stay close by just in case she slides off the side -- but it hasn't happened so far.

This is probably the most horrifying picture. Her stupid Mama wondered one day that since Pippa was so good at standing up w/ help, what would happen if I propped her up on a chair. The results are below -- the wretched Bean can stand by herself. Walking still has to be a long way away.... right? Right?

Miss Chunkenstein sitting up in her chair. Check those belly rolls out!! Those pants are brand-new, and are for nine month olds. Sigh.

And to prove that we do things besides gaze at our kid -- here's the little bit of other stuff. We hosted a surprise birthday party for Ruffin. It was a Murder party -- the picture below shows us all in character. Jeremy is trying to be sexy -- can't you tell it's the Blue Steel look? James is a British secret agent who has a "gammy" leg (you can't see the cane) and is looking pompous. Jim is a kind of mad scientist. Ruffin is a "Teutonic beauty" who speaks very accented English -- and the accent changed each time she spoke. I'm the owner of the vineyard the murder takes place at, and my husband is the one who is murdered (my face is just the right mix of smiling bravely for the photo and not really caring he's dead... ah, love). And Kristin is the socialite, interior decorator who holds a secret grudge. Much fun.

And now with "normal" faces.

Pippa is getting so big, so cute, and so....Jamesonian! She really favors him. Thanks for posting all the nice pics so we can keep up with her.
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