Friday, September 01, 2006

Size and Music

At the doctor's last week, we found out Pippa is 15 lbs 4 oz, and she's almost 25 inches long. I sorted through her clothing today packing away most of the 0-3 month stuff, and some of the 3-6 month stuff, and taking out the 3-24 month items (yes, some of the 18-24 month fits... go figure). Our clothing supply is definitely dwindling as a result, but I do laundry constantly so it shouldn't be a problem.

Yesterday I was practicing piano with Pippa sitting on my lap. I was playing one hand at a time of a Beethoven piece, and holding her with the other. She would occasionally bang on a key or two. At a particular point in the piece she cried out excitedly and wiggled, waving her arms around. This happened each time I played that part. I don't know if it was exciting to watch, or she just liked the way it sounded. She also tried to sing along a few times. I've noticed that she seems to have a different vocalization for the sounds we make when we talk to her, and the sounds she makes when we sing to her or play music. She'll be an opera star yet...

Today she's really been working on that two-handed play thing. She was grabbing her blue lion bell with her right hand, and all of a sudden her left hand was over there too. It surprised both of us. She did this with several toys today which is pretty cool. Of course, everything still goes right in the mouth -- at least her aim is getting better, toys rarely end up in her ear or nose anymore.

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