Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nicknames, Doc Visit, Pics

I've been meaning to tally these for a while -- all of the names we call Pippa. Here's the list with all the variations:
* Elizabeth (we never call her this) -- Eli, Zizi, Miss Eli, Miss Zizi
* Pippa; also the Pipster, Pippinator, Pippasaurus, Miss Pippa, Miss Eli Pippa, PJ
* Wonkerbean (I came up w/ this one day and it stuck); also Little Wonkerbean, The Bean, Wretched Wonkerbean, WB
* Other random names -- Sugar Plum Fairy, Wretched Baby, Big Strong Baby, The Babby, Peanut, Little Peanut, Pretty Baby, Puky McPuke Pukes, Osama bin Baby (when she's wrapped up in her towel -- I know, it's in bad taste, but whatever), Poppet, Fatty Fat Fat, Sunshine, Little Stinker, Cutie Pie, Porky Pig, Short Stuff, Munchkin, Chunkenstein, Stinkpot

Poor kid, she'll never know who she is. If you think this list is long, you should see what we call the dogs -- we counted Cabar's once and got over 50. Cabar's range from Pumpkinhead to Bitka (old pop culture reference from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Oscar's range from Oscar Meyer Weiner (which should be his official name I use it so often) to Bunny. Nicknames. Just say "no".

Pippa had her doc appointment Friday -- she had vaccinations and got a clean bill of health. She weighed 16 lbs 6 oz (95th percentile), is 25.25 inches (91st percentile), and her head circumference is 43 cm (95th percentile). She's a Big Strong Baby.

Tummy time is fun

She loves her Oscar

Bottle with Grandmama Midge

Finally, a couple of videos of Pippa in her exersaucer here, and here. She's not this spastic in real life -- this toy is bouncy. Oscar hasn't quite figured out how to lick her all over when she's in this, but you can tell he's trying real hard...

These are some of the most awesomest nicknames ever. I mean, anything with puke or wretched in it is pretty cool.
Hee! Those are hilarious! We call Sadie "Bug", "Boo", "Scalliwag", "Ragamuffin", among others... Your names are much more interesting.

How cute is she??? Four months already?
She's so cute and she looks like James. I liked the video of her. We should get together soon. Cheers,

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