Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Elephant Montage

These pretty much speak for themselves. The best, tho, is this elephant video.

Here is Pippa and her elephant -- a very soft stuffed elephant connected to that blanket thingy from her Aunt Sheri. She likes it.

It is important to shake the elephant.

Biting its nose, also important.

More elephant photos here. Another elephant video with chatting.

Non-elephant photos follow.

This was at a baby shower for Missy and Brian -- it's the only good picture of me in the last 12 months so it's getting posted even though Pippa looks dorky.

Molly being sweet to Pippa and patting her. Right after this she tried to take her Binky (pacifier).

And then tried to get in the car seat :)

Molly is the most photogenic baby ever. And yes, she really is this cute in real life.

Nice pictures. Our girls look good together.

Josh, Molly's dad
the elephant video is so cute! I like how she doesn't look at the elephant while it's tickling her.
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