Monday, July 24, 2006

Two Months Old Tomorrow

Wow, it's been almost 20 days since we posted. We're slackers, sorry. I'm still struggling w/ thrush that won't go away and some other breastfeeding issues, so I guess that's some excuse. Here are some updates on the Pipster:
*She's found her hands and LOVES to put them in her mouth
*Smiling and laughing happen all the time now
*She has certain favorite toys that she flirts with -- particularly the animals in her mobile, and a stuffed caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar book she was given (thanks, Catherine!)
*Her 0-3 onesies won't fit her much longer!!
*She's finally starting to take naps during the day (YAY!!!!) and is going longer between feedings at night (up to 4 hours of sleep at a time!!)

There are tons more photos here (click the View Pictures button and you won't have to sign in, then on the next page click View As Slideshow to see them enlarged). They're not all in focus, or even good, but they make up for it in volume :)

She has so many great expressions! And a fantastic blue and white dress.
Hi Emily...Butch and I have been watching all the progress you guys have made. What a beautiful little girl you two have produced. Enjoy every minute, as the time goes so fast. Please let us know how we can get in touch with your folks. Guess we don't have a current phone #. Much love to the three of you. Pam & Butch
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