Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pippa's very busy first 8 days

Here is a retrospective of photos from Pippa's first week...

Pippa and Papa in the hospital (the first time)

Big Yawn

Ready to go home (the first time)

Home with Mom

Back at the hospital hooked to the IV

surrounded by medical equipment

clear bill of health, and back home once more, chillin' in her baby basket

Back home with mom

Lots to think about, lots to ponder...

Asleep in her sling

Wow, What a beautiful family. I was expecting Pippa to look gorgeous, but you both look so rested and happy. I don't think Josh and I looked nearly that good after Colby's first week. Hope it's going as well as it looks. Love to all,
A beautiful baby! Congrats to Emily and James! I do have to mention something here, are you two both wearing the same shirt. A new family uniform? Where is Pippa's?
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