Friday, April 28, 2006

Prophecy Take 2; Clinic Appt

The Literary Festival is at Duke right now, and James' cousins came up from Wilmington to stay with us. Last night we went to a talk by Barbara Kingsolver which was the keynote address. An Asian man sitting in front of me turned around and said "Your baby will be a great writer." and then turned back around. A much better prophecy than "you're going to have twins after all", or "you'll go into labor at this very moment" :) We did sit in an aisle seat in the back just in case my water broke, but we probably jinxed it as nothing eventful happened other than the seats being horribly uncomfortable.

We had our clinic appointment today -- everything is going great. Pippa is no longer "running large" but is right where she should be in terms of size, etc (tho I still think she's going to be pretty big). Yippee. Sadly, there is "no progress" in terms of impending labor, so I think 3 weeks is probably a good estimate of how much longer I've got.

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