Monday, April 24, 2006

Prophecies and Shopping

A few weeks ago my grandfather had a dream that the doctors said Pippa would be born on May 5th, and I wouldn't need a C-section. My grandparents have a history of prophetic dreams, so everyone keep their fingers crossed -- I'm tired of being pregnant!

James and I were in the grocery store Saturday, and a woman came up and said "You're having a boy, aren't you?" She was very surprised by the girl answer (supposedly boys are carried all in the front, and with girls you get fat all over). Then she asked if I was due this week. When I told her I had 4 more weeks to go, she said "Oh, I don't think so, honey". I'm actually now relieved by the fortune-telling of strangers, whereas it used to just amuse me. Sad.

This was a very busy weekend. Friday, we went house hunting with my mother in Salisbury, NC. After viewing 10 houses we found one she loved -- they made an offer, the owners counter-offered, and they're still negotiating. Hopefully it'll all work out :) Saturday and Sunday we had the last of our baby classes, thank goodness. We are now completely prepared for labor, birth, and parenthood. Right. Yesterday, we did some wrap-up shopping of items we'd need if Pippa was born this week -- again, I'm ever hopeful. James is worried that we won't have our hospital bags packed, so we're tackling that first thing this week. This week I start leaving a few hours early every day to get more rest, and follow doctors' orders.

I am not now nor have I ever been 'with child', but I think it's pretty damn odd that strangers approach you and talk to you about this stuff.
Lol :-). Yes, I agree! I was pregnant, and I still agree it's so so odd. Not only the comments themselves, but the assumption that it's ok to come within an inch of a pregnant woman's face and demand conversation without any introductions.

My favorites were when this happened while I was walking my dogs, who growled and snarled at the nosy women (yes, always women!) who did this. One woman didn't back off, but looked at me quizzically and said, "do they bite?"

"They just might if you don't back off," I quietly replied. She looked so startled ... (as backdrop here: I've got 2 adorable mid-sized spaniels .... they need quite a bit of provoking and they never have attacked anyone).
Alright, I knew it must be women that say these sorts of things. See, as a man, I feel like I have to pretend not to notice that a woman is pregnant. I vow never to be the person who asks an unpregnant woman when she's due!
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