Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Photo time!

So here are some recent photos.

Two weekends ago, some friends from DC came down--

Alan &Dana

here's their son, Wibb.

James modelling the Baby Bjorn 'Air' carrier they gave us.

Then, this past weekend our friends Ruffin and Lisa threw us a baby shower-- (Emily posted below about it) here are some pictures from that:

Hostesses Ruffin and Lisa (and Jeremy and Hailey)

Here are a bunch of Emily and me opening gifts:
**NOTE**: Emily wants me to point out that in all of the following pictures, her legs are not as large as they appear-- that is a trick of perspective and foreshortening.

Blanket (carriage quilt) knit by Ruffin

Suchi, Molly & Jen, Kirstin, Jeff & Leo, Greg & Hailey

Jeff & Leo, Greg & Hailey, Danny, Jill, Brian, Linda

Suchi, Kirstin & Leo

Jen and Molly


Here are even more photos from the day that our friend Jim took:

lots of people

Henry making a break for it up the stairs

Rachel, Jean, Henry

too many people to list

Ruffin, Missy, Lisa, Rachel & Henry, Jean

Brandi, Jeff & Leo, Jill, Linda

Alex and Charlie

Jim T. chasing Alex and Charlie (photo from Greg)

Jen and Molly

Lisa and Hailey

Jen, Josh, Molly, Lisa, Hailey, Danny and Henry

Alex on Josh

Charlie on Greg

Alex (looking his best) and Charlie

So is that enough photos for you?

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