Thursday, April 06, 2006

I didn't mean to cause alarm...

Thanks for everyone's concern -- I really didn't mean to worry you!! While technically, I'm on "bed rest" -- it's really like bed rest for wusses... more just keeping my feet up. Pippa is absolutely fine, as am I -- neither of us is compromised in any way. I don't have to lie down, I can recline w/ my feet up, I can get up when I need to, I don't have to stay still even when I'm resting (I can shift around, etc). The point is to get my weight off my legs to give them a chance to recover from the nerve pinching.

My first day off my feet was pretty good. I didn't go as stir-crazy as I thought I would. I read 3 1/2 books, and ate some junk food. Today I'm going to try and eat better :) The nice thing was we had a baby class last night (Breastfeeding), so I got to get out a bit (I sat, and put my feet up at the class). And tonight we have another one (Pain Management -- timely, I thought). Friday I can take completely off, then Saturday we've got class in the morning (I forget which one). Sunday is our baby shower which I'm really looking forward to -- even though James is going to be the one who has to clean the house for it (see previous Saint James post). Then back to work on Monday and hopefully feeling much better!!

It's worth it.. trust me.. Just sleep now while you can! Feeding every 2 hours means maybe an hour of sleep in between if you are lucky. And do't be discouaged if breastfeeding goes roughly the first few days.. It took Jackson about a week and a half to get a good latch right away. Now at almost 2 weeks old he's almost a pro.

Dave S.
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