Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baby Shower ... and other random tidbits

We had a baby shower on Sunday -- it was SO much fun!! About 25 people came, including many babies and toddlers. We got lots of great presents -- everyone was so generous! Our two good friends and baby shower hostesses, Ruffin and Lisa, and several of the guests, provided delicious goodies that we're still eating our way through -- one of the best things about parties is the leftovers!

The bed rest of last week went fine -- I didn't get really stir-crazy until the end. I'm feeling much better and realize that I need to rest more than I do; which honestly doesn't seem possible. So I tried yesterday by coming home and taking a nap, then working out (if you can call it that at this point, it's really more like me moving around some until I get really tired), walking dogs, putting my feet up, helping w/ dinner, then collapsing in bed. Not sure it really worked -- I'm zonked today. It seems so silly to me that I'm this tired all the time -- it's not like I'm doing much during the day other than carrying around the extra weight; and with regards to that I walk very slowly and take elevators when I can. I agree with the folks who say the reason you're tired for no good reason at the end of your pregnancy is to prepare yourself for when the baby is actually here and you're up all night with her. Whoopee.

Today I've got an appointment at the clinic -- from now on I'll have weekly appointments for the last stretch, ugh! My grandfather had a dream over the weekend that I wouldn't have to have a C-section because Pippa wasn't too big, and that she would come on May 5th. Here's hoping that comes true :)

more pictures please! ;-) yes, the tiredness is simply an induction into the sorority of twelve months of being tired with the first four in complete exhaustion - yeah - here comes baby! Rachel
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