Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Still Officially Pregnant

So, continuing on the 'I'm actually officially pregnant' strain -- this evening I was working on the Reference Desk. A coworker was across the room (across a large room, mind you) and yelled out -- Hey! Are you having a baby?! Needless to say, student conversation in the room stopped, the Circulation workers looked up w/ considerable interest, and a dead silence spread across the room. Just a side note here -- the first floors of libraries are never quiet and they shouldn't ever be. Librarians don't go "shhhh" anymore, and if they do they shouldn't be there. Back to the story-- "Well, not right now," I replied, and he finally moved closer so we could have a somewhat more private conversation. It turns out the reason he asked is because I'm showing. Again, it amazes me that people a) notice and b) say something. And now, a good portion of the university's undergraduate population knows.

Yeah, the comments are interesting, but I don't think your belly is big for month four ... people don't know what they're talking about and/or misremember belly growth cycles. I was trying to hide that belly my 2nd trimester while interviewing for jobs, and it was a challenge (I'd ask Byron, "does this outfit make me look fat, or pregnant?"). You are showing now, and should be ... it's the "oh my god, my belly is just as big or bigger than my boobs" stage :-), just when you thought nothing could get bigger than those boobs ...

The comments only get more invasive and abrupt, I'm afraid, so I just tried to enjoy some of them, like the deli guy who gave me an extra pickle, and the traffic that stopped with a smile while I was at a crosswalk (in Boston!).

Enjoy this stage :-). You can still see your feet, and wipe yourself properly when you go to the bathroom ;-). Losing those abilities is well worth it, though, b/c that's when your little one moves more and you fall even more in love.
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