Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Really Pregnant

So, I'm officially pregnant now. I was helping a patron try and recover a document that the computer swallowed (sadly, it was never recovered) and as we waited for the software to open she asked me if this was my first "little one". I've been outed. What surprised me was I would NEVER say something like that to a woman -- how do you know she's pregnant and not just fat? or has a stomach tumor or something? I mean, I wasn't offended obviously, and had a nice chat w/ her, but someone sure as heck could be. Anyway, it was a first. And as Dad pointed out tonight on the phone, for only being pregnant for 4 months I do look like I'm at least having two (or seven, as I believe Dad said) -- so let me dispel that rumor right now. The sonograms show just one, so unless there's another that's REALLY good at hiding that's all there is.

Which brings me to a tangent - though loosely related. Target has some great maternity stuff. But, it's ALWAYS right next to the Women's or Plus sizes and often mixed together. As a pregnant woman I find this merely annoying. I think if I was a Plus size person, and having to pick out my stuff from the pregnant stuff, I'd be super offended.

Anyway, the stroller came today. It totally rocks -- James of course had it out of the box and put together before he'd put the groceries away :) The dogs are none too pleased w/ the stroller - but at least Oscar didn't growl at it. I'm thinking we should take some walks w/ the puppies and the stroller -- but as Dad pointed out we could soon become 'those crazy people' who walk around w/ an empty stroller. Maybe late at night? We'll take pics of it and post them soon -- cuz there's some excitement for everyone.

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