Monday, December 05, 2005

AFP Plus Tests Negative

We got the results of the AFP Quad test today -- negative. Which means it's unlikely the baby has Downs Syndrome, or neural tube problems, or defects in the digestive system or ventral walls, or other random chromosal abmormalities. Yay! More info on the test here. The other cool thing is we heard the baby's heartbeat again -- about 150. Our doctor said the heart slows down throughout the pregnancy -- this is a good thing and means the nervous system is developing properly. Our next sonogram is the 20th and that's the anatomy scan (where they make sure the baby's growing alright) and we might get to find out of it's a boy or a girl.

In other news our new stroller should be here soon! And we got the nursery spiffed up (finally). Things are coming together....


damn - i thought someone in our family finally figured out how to use the comment feature :)
Well, I figured someone should use it...
hah! well, I'm not officially family, but I figured this out ... congrats on the negative results! And guess it's too late now, but perhaps you've kept this in mind when ordering a stroller ... there are ones with adjustable handles for you tall folk ...

:-) Can't wait to see you!
Mash sent me a link to your blog.. Congrats on the negative result! woohoo! Your belly looks so cute!
Looking forward to seeing you guys for the holidays. The furry kids look swell. Talk to you soon.
Masha -- you're definitely officially family :) One of the reasons we bought this one is that it has adjustable handles (see the post about this further down).
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